Plan, Design & Code

I'm Tiago, UX / Web / Graphic Designer and Front-End Developer based in Vancouver BC. My work is focused on developing functional eye-cathing graphic and web projects.

Some of my works

Here, there, everywhere

Graduated in Communications and Marketing, I've started my career in the Advertising business, working as a Graphic Designer. Along with the industry, I gradually migrated to the Digital environment, which led me to one of my passions: Front-End Development.

For the past years, I've been working remotely for SSW - a mid-size software development company - as a UX/UI Specialist and Front-End Developer. There, I've worked on small to large projects while practicing Scrum and learning Project Management abilities. The remote work experience was essential to develop my time-management, organizational, and communication skills to an outstanding level.


Apart from my major roles, I also had the opportunity to perform significant SEO and Social Media tasks. Being an 'outsider' designer in a major dev environment made me more and more interested in programming.

I am currently studying the Applied Web Development course at BCIT, with the goal of improving my programming knowledge.

I've done a few personal and freelance projects that involved Photography, Video Editing, and Copywriting.

Apart from work I am an amateur runner, a Volkswagen Beetle enthusiast, Formula One and soccer fan, love to travel, and hate olives :)

Hands-on Experience

Curriculum Vitae

  • Web & App Design Interfaces
  • Mark-up & Scripting
  • Usability & UX
  • Content Management Systems
  • Version Control & Source Code Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing & Newsletter
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Identity & Branding
  • Advertising
  • Presentations
  • Copywriting
  • Internal Communications
  • Image Editing and Processing
  • Agile Software Development
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Let's talk, feel free to write to [email protected]